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Choir Trip

In addition to local performances, the Plano Senior High School Choir will make several away from school appearances each year. There is one overnight trip taken every year, alternating between an in-state and out-of-state trip. All members of the choir are expected to travel with the group. The choir trip is optional and is in no way a requirement for the course. No penalty will be given to students who do not attend the spring tour. Requirement for these performances/tour are:

  • Student must meet all local and state academic eligibility requirements to participate in travel or competitions.
  • Students must be able to perform satisfactorily the materials assigned for performance.
  • Students must have attended rehearsals necessary for the preparation for the performances and performed at UIL Concert and Sight-Reading Contest.
  • Students must fulfill their financial obligation to the organization.

Each student will have the opportunity to fulfill their trip financial obligation by the following:

  1. Pay in full via cash, money order, or online credit card (additional fee will apply).
  2. Pay though installments- via check, cash, money order or online credit card (additional fee will apply).
    (A payment schedule will be provided)
  3. Payment though installment –via fundraising projects. All funds earned via fundraisers will be applied towards the final payment only.
Please be aware per PISD policy, no fundraiser monies can be refunded or transferred to another students account, or transferred to the next school year. Unused funds will become part of the choir general operating budget.

Please read the TRIP CONTRACT for further details.

Teamwork is a challenge. It means coordinating our efforts with those of others, not solely for personal glory, but for team achievement.

Eph Elhy