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Plano Senior High School Department of Choral Music

Spring Tour

Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando, FL

Orlando Music Fest Competition

April 15-18, 2016


Objective            Participation in the PSHS Choir Spring Trip, is strictly

voluntary. Non participation in the trip will have absolutely no effect on your grade or status within the program. Should you choose to participate, you must adhere to all the conditions mentioned within this contract. By signing this agreement, you understand that all transactions will be done via credit/debit card using.WWW.PSHSCHOIR.COM/Betty


Cost Using a credit/debit card with monthly installments = $ 1240.00


Participation PSHS Choir Students may participate if they are academically eligible, participate in UIL concert and sight-reading contest, are in good standing within the choral program at Plano Senior High and have met the financial obligation for the trip. Students will miss two days of school.

Eligibility Any choir student that participates in a UIL ensemble, is in good standing with Plano Sr. High, is in good financial standing with the PSHS Choral Department, and is academically eligible with PISD, will be able to attend this trip. You are not eligible to attend if you have not paid in full your choir contribution fee.

All students must be passing by 4:15pm at the end of the 4th Six Weeks Grading Period- Feb.19th. If you fail a class, and do not regain eligibility by the end of the school day on Feb.26th, the three week re-eligibility date you are considered ineligible.

If you fail a class for the 4th Six Weeks Grading period and do not regain eligibility by the end of the school day on March 25th, 2016- you will lose all funds towards this trip.


This is- No Pass/No Play. Texas House Bill #72. This is state law.

All grievances with this state law, should be addressed to your state senator.

Supervision Students will be supervised by a PSHS administrator, the choir directors and parent chaperones as per PISD guidelines. Students not abiding by rules and regulations established by PISD, PSHS and the PSHS Choir will have restricted activities on the trip or will be sent home at the parent’s expense.

Travel Included in the trip price is travel to and from all destinations via the approved PISD vendor.  If special travel needs are required, contact Mr. Brookins immediately. Please remember that group travel is very different from personal /family travel. This is in no way to be considered family vacation travel.

Housing Included in the trip cost is a (3) night stay in a deluxe four- star hotel. A curfew will be implemented and enforced. A licensed Florida State Security Officer will be hired and assigned to watch the PSHS Choir Rooms each night.   

Performances    The Plano Senior High School Choirs will perform and compete in the Orlando Fest Choral Contest on the Walt Disney grounds. This performance is open to the public. PSHS Choir/School nor District will not be responsible for parking or any admissions should you choose to attend this performance.

Meals Breakfast is provided each day at the hotel. Each member will receive a meal voucher for lunch and a dinner card each day while on the trip. All other snacks/meals will be on your own.

Financing The total trip cost is $1240.00 . Students and families will be given the opportunity to pay for this trip through 5 installments online of $248.00 using their credit/debit card. Students will have the opportunity to raise the funds for their trip via the numerous fundraisers thought out the school year.  Remember the golden rule with fundraisers: They work, if you work them!

  Please be aware per PISD policy, no fundraised monies can be refunded.

All fundraised money will be applied towards your final payment.

Please understand, if you choose to make online payments, your credit/debit card will be billed on the last Friday of each month excluding December, beginning in September. The final payment will be in February , 2016


THE FIRST PAYMENT IS NON-REFUNDABLE. All subsequent payments will be due online, the last Friday of each month (except the month of December). The last payment will take place in February, 2016.  The Plano Senior High School Choir will be committed by contract to Performing Arts Tours Music Festivals and the commercial travel company for all student trip costs.

Refunds cannot be made for illness, or other factors beyond our control. No fundraised monies can be refunded per PISD policy. Unused funds will become part of the general choir operating budget for the current school year. Transferring of funds between students is strictly prohibited.

*If you fail a class for the 4th Six Weeks Grading period and do not regain eligibility, you will lose all funds towards this trip.


This is Texas State Law- House Bill # 72

Plano Senior High School Department of Choral Music

Walt Disney World Resort- Orlando, FL.

Orlando Music Fest Competition

April 15th– 18th, 2016



I have read the above information regarding the PSHS Choir trip to Orlando, FL..

I understand and agree to these terms, including cost and payment schedule.

I give permission for my child to attend and agree that he/she will abide by the guidelines according to

PSHS Choir, PSHS, and PISD policy. I understand that failure to abide by the guidelines may result in my

child being sent home at my additional expense. I understand that failure to pay in full or follow the trip payment schedule will result in the cancelation of my student’s trip.

Disney Trip 2016

Choir Trip Payment Schedule 2015-2016:

Payment Because of payment deadlines for transportation, lodging and other costs, the following payment schedule must be adhered to. Payments of funds may be paid by credit card or debit card, on line at  HYPERLINK “”  .

Please be advised that all fund- raised money will be deducted from your final payment.  Failure to follow the payment schedule and meet trip payments will result in the cancellation of your trip reservations.

Online Payments @  HYPERLINK “” :

Once you register a card with the system, your card will be processed for the amount of $248.00 on the following dates:

September   25th -1st Installment = $248.00* Non Refundable

October       30th- 2nd Installment= $248.00

November   20th – 3rd Installment= $ 248.00

January        29th -4th Installment= $248.00


February      26th – 5th Installment = $248.00

February 11th  2016, is your last day to request (in writing) a full refund (minus your deposit of $240.00) and withdraw from the tour. If, for any reason your card has been declined, you will have 5 business days to register a new card online. If payment is not received, you will be issued a refund minus the $240.00 deposit and your trip will be cancelled.

All fund- raised monies from throughout the year will be deducted from your final payment. Once the 5th installment is covered (via payment or fundraising), it will be applied to the 4th installment, then the 3rd, etc.