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Grading System

Daily Class Participation = 25 %

Daily class rehearsals, daily classroom materials, sight reading/ singing quizzes, scheduled sectional rehearsals.

Test Grades = 75%

All performances, dress rehearsals.


All choir students are expected to attend all scheduled performances and rehearsals of their particular choir, as well as full choir events, sectionals and rehearsals.
In the event of a schedule conflict, the student is expected to make arrangements and communicate with the directors in writing.

Daily Expectations

  1. Get your choral folder as you enter the room. Be seated. Make sure you have a pencil and prepare to arrange your music for the order of rehearsal. Check boards for dates, due dates, and announcements.
  2. Place all book bags out of the way in assigned areas. Under no circumstances should you go to someone else’s folder unless asked to do so by the director. DO NOT TAKE ANY PERSONAL BELONGINGS (BOOKBAGS, PHONES, PURSES, MAKE-UP, ETC.) TO YOUR CHAIR.
  3. If for some reason, you cannot participate in rehearsal, clear it with your director BEFORE CLASS BEGINS.
  4. Misbehavior, talking without being recognized or any other disruptions will not be tolerated at any time.
  5. Warm-up begins promptly after the tardy bell rings. Students will be counted tardy if not seated and attentive WHEN THE DIRECTOR BEGINS THE REHEARSAL. Listen for announcements, due dates, committee meetings, etc.
  7. Members should remain in their assigned seat during rehearsals unless otherwise instructed by the director.

Absences from Performance

The only justifiable excused absences from performance as mandated by the Plano ISD are: illness, death in the immediate family, religious belief conflict, immediate family funeral, subpoena, court or “pre-arranges” by principal. The student should notify the director well in advance of the absence if possible. In order to be excused and to avoid a grade reduction, the student MUST BRING A WRITTEN EXCUSE OF THE ABSENCE THE FIRST DAY RETURNING TO CLASS AFTER THE PERFORMANCE. Absences from performance due to any other reasons are considered unexcused and will result in a grade of zero for that performance. As the performances are scheduled in advanced, it is the responsibility of the STUDENT AND PARENT to plan ahead to avoid conflicts with work schedules and appointments. An absence is a detriment to the rest of your performing group, as well as the elimination of the student’s opportunity to learn performance skills, which are an essential element of choir.

School activity conflicts should be worked out with the teacher/coach involved. Every effort by the student to reach a reasonable compromise is expected. Students have a responsibility to all organizations they are involved in- not just one. Therefore, communication is VITAL. Conflicts in schedules can usually be resolved if given adequate time.

It is not possible to produce a quality performance without ample preparation. TO MEET EXPECTED STANDARDS, THERE WILL BE TIMES THAT REHEARSALS OUTSIDE OF CLASS ARE NECESSARY. IN ORDER FOR THE ENTIRE GROUP TO BENEFIT, ALL MUST BE PUNCTUAL IN ATTENDANCE. Advance notice will be given and attendance is necessary. An unexcused absence from dress rehearsal will result in grade reduction and may result in THE STUDENT’S SUSPENSION FROM THE ENSUING PERFORMANCE.


In the event a student obtains an unexcused absence for a performance or dress rehearsal, the director will assign a written assignment reflective of the prepared choral music to the student. It is the students’ responsibility to obtain this assignment from the director and turn it in within three school days, or a grade of zero will be entered in the grade book for the performance/rehearsal missed.