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Plano Senior High School Choral Department

Membership includes 11th and 12th grade men and women and is based upon choral audition and directors’ educational suggestion. Sight-reading skills are further developed and applied to that of advanced choral literature. Members of this choir compete in the annual UIL Choral Competition, state and national conventions and choral festivals throughout the country. Eligibility is an important factor as a member of this advanced choral ensemble. You may obtain Honors Choir Credit for this course.

Uniforms & Attire

All students are responsible for the condition of their own uniforms.

A black crepe dress will be provided by PISD. The student is responsible for:

  • Black Shoes- close toe, 1”- 2” heel. No clogs, sandals, flip-flops, boots, platforms will be accepted
  • Stockings or Nylons are required while in the uniform

At all performances (unless stated by the director) the hair should be placed in an upright/bunt hairstyle, with no bangs, and out of the students eyes. No bows, ribbons or barrettes. All hair clips and accessories should be discreet and blend with the hair color. For all performances- the hair should be a “natural” human color.

Make Up:

Due to the bright lights during a stage performance, all women are asked to apply appropriate “stage make-up”, suitable for that of a concert performance.


Jewelry should be worn under the uniform. All earrings should be small loops or studs.

Do not make any permanent alterations to the uniform.

A tuxedo, tie and formal vest will be provided by Plano Senior Choir. The student is responsible for:

  • A formal dress white long sleeve “business shirt”
  • Black dress shoes (No athletic shoes or gear will be accepted for a formal concert.)
  • Black dress socks

Hair must be brushed and/or styled. For all performances- the hair should be a “natural” human color.

Jewelry: Jewelry should be worn under the uniform. No visible jewelry, except for senior rings.
Do not make any permanent alterations to the uniform.

Private Vocal Study

Supplemental music lessons are offered as enrichment to the classroom instruction. These lessons are designed to utilize the characteristic literature of the voice, rather than to rehearse the music a student will be performing in choir. Participation in these supplemental lessons is optional, but highly encouraged. Students who elect to not participate will not be penalized grade-wise or otherwise in their class activities.

Lessons last 25 minutes and may be scheduled during the choir class, lunch, or before or after school. NO LESSONS WILL BE SCHEDUELD DURING A NON-MUSIC CLASS.

It is the responsibility of the student to notify his/her voice teacher at least 24 hours in advance if the lesson is to be canceled, unless serious emergency arises. If the student does not notify the instructor of their absence prior, the standard rate will still be applied to the student.

Students will pay the private instructor directly. Cost of lesson is $18.00 per 25min. lessons, which is given to the private teacher weekly or monthly, depending on the arrangements between the private teacher and the student. Questions concerning assignments should be directed to Mr. Brookins. Questions concerning lesson dates and times, billing, or number of lessons taught will be handled through your voice instructor.

Honors Choir Program

Each choir student may apply to enroll in choir for honor credit. In order to receive honors credit for choir, the student must complete additional assignments for each semester enrolled. These assignments help prepare students for a rigorous music program at the university level. All students who plan to pursue a degree in music are encouraged to enroll in honors choir. See a director for the packet of information containing requirements and an application for honors choir if you are interested.

Please be advised that each student enrolled in the Honor Choir Program will need to purchase their own text book: Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory. Juniors and First-year Honors Choir Seniors; will need to purchase BOOKS I and II.

Second-year Honors Choir Seniors; will need to purchase BOOK III. These books may be ordered through You will be responsible for ordering the material, completing assignments and turning them in on time.

*Please be advised: While Honor Choir does come with many benefits, it also comes with addition outside work on your part. If you are not prepared to do the extra work, please do not sign up for this option, as you grade in choir will be reflective of your work!